How to sexing

For Sexing  your animals we recommend to you to have patience, they did not like that you put them of the reverse either nor were remaining still to the first one, for this reason handle them during a couple of minutes and then already they will be yours!

There is ” the myth ” of which depending on the temperature of incubation of an egg the animal that goes out of him it will be of a certain sex. Unfortunately this is a lottery and this rule is not fulfilled.

To be sure of a good sexing of an animal there is recommended that up to 8 months one can sexing (since between the 9 and 10 months come to the maturity), being 3 months the minimal age of sexado, owed both to the dimensions of the animal and to his development.

This way so the breeders sexing with specialized set of instruments (magnifying glasses, etc ..) to the age that seems to them, everything that sometimes an animal that with 6 months was looking like a thing in an interval of one month changes radically and turns out to be different.

There are two characteristics that they were determining if a Crestie is male or female the preanal pores and the hemipenal bulge. His presence will pass that we are in front of a male, and his absence that treats itself about a female. The hemipenal bulge are a few visible protuberances under the grid of low ventilation, in the base of the tail. In male crested geckos generally starts to become apparent between 10-15 grams, although there are exceptions, with some not showing an obvious bulge until after 15-20 grams. In many occasions are observed a posteriori that the pores preanales. These pores are a couple of rows of scales in the low part of the back legs, which have small black spots on them.

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