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Why UVB is beneficial for our cresties?

At the moment what is clear is that ultraviolet light allows the synthesis of vitamin D3, which plays a “key” in the assimilation of calcium. This allows us to prevent metabolic bone disease (MBD). But it is also believed to help the good work  of other metabolic pathways in the animal.

This light is usually marketed in the form of various bulbs and brands, but personally the two that give us more confidence to today’s date are: Repti Glo 5.0 (by Exoterra) and SolarRaptor. And despite being a bulb life can last over a year, the optimum operating life (UVB-emitting time) is about 5 months, in the case of Repti Glo 5.0.

There are breeders who do not offer the ability to “enjoy” their crested UVB and justify it by saying that giving vitamin D3 through their diet and they do not need this radiation. Personally I believe that if something makes our animals are even better should be given us.

Things to consider while you want to create a  breeder group of cresties:

When we think of a group of cresties, comes to mind a ratio of 1 male and 2 or more females, right? because as we know the males when they reach sexual maturity and become territorial if there females through get much worse. For this reason ALWAYS males should be separated from other males!

But they do not know that the females can be territorial? there is the concept of “alpha”, which is what controls the other female, and often shows own male’s sexual behavior (other females taking the neck or head ridges and attempt to mate with them) . To try to have harmony and have not aggression of any kind between “mates terrarium” some days you have to be alert, since the formation of the group, in order to be sure of the roles of each and if necessary (if we see “bad rolls “and attacks) make changes to achieve harmony.

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